Education Access

Put together supply packs with the necessary school supplies for underserved children.


The Education Access Project is a HomeVolunteer Experience delivering the necessary school supplies to underprivileged students. You create backpacks full of supplies that are designed to be fun and inspirational!

You’ll be adding your own touch and message to each backpack you create, drawing fun pictures on the bags, and leaving letters of encouragement so the students know they have someone cheering for them!

Let’s Do This


Step 1

Choose the experience of your choice and place your order.

Step 2

We’ll ship the volunteer experience directly to your doorstep for free as well as include the pre-paid return label to get the completed packs to the nonprofit.

Step 3

Watch the recorded session, learn about the cause, and complete the experience in your own time all under an hour!

Step 4

Receive your impact report with details on the actual impact you created!


Education Access


This box includes:

  • Two Mead Notebooks
  • Nine Pencils
  • Two Organic Cotton Drawstring Bags
  • Two Book Marks
  • Two Sticky Note Pads
  • Two World Globe Stress Balls
  • Two Zipper Bags
  • Two Decks of Playing Cards
  • Two Colored Pencil Packs
  • Two Pencil Sharpeners
  • Three Sharpies
  • Two Pieces of Letter Stationery
  • Pre-paid Return Label for Donation

HomeVolunteer orders take up to 10 business days to arrive. This event will last for an estimated 60 minutes.



We’re here to help!

Is shipping free?

Yes! Shipping is 100% free with HomeVolunteer.

If I order now do I have to complete the experience right away?

No. You can complete the experience on your own time.

Why is there a cost?

The pricepoint includes everything (never additional fees) and covers the cost of all the needed items, packaging, shipping, and a donation to the nonprofit.

Where do my completed packs go?

Your packs will be delivered to the Kids In Need Foundation headquarters in Minnesota. From there, they are delivered to schools and teachers that have the greatest need throughout the United States!

Can I add my own items?

You may! The items must be new and should fit in the box. Please leave the items outside of the bags.

How do I deliver my completed pack to the Kids In Need Foundation?

Your box will come with a pre-paid shipping label. Simply attach that label over the original label and use the provided link to schedule your pick-up at a date and time that works best for you! You can also drop the box off at your local post office.